• Homebrewery

    Homebrewery helps you to create legit looking homebrew documents with simple Markdown language. Please support this project on Github.
  • RPGMeet

    A tool still in developtment. It's to RSVP, create sessions and campaigns, get reminders to your players and more!
  • Planar Ally

    PlanarAlly is a tool that adds virtual battlemaps with various extras to your D&D toolbox. Please support this project on Github.
  • MonsterForge

    A tool to create printable miniatures for your RPG for free. I do not know if this project is still maintained so I forked it. I am currently cleaning it up and bringing it up to speed on Github.

If you have a project that needs hosting or know a project that requires some help don't hesitate to contact me at "me AT schemen.me"

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